‘Hyper Scape’ tips: Best weapons so far

Ubisoft’s Hyper Scape is a fun and thrilling battle royale, but admittedly, newcomers are going to have a tough time in the game. If they know what they should be looking for, then matches are definitely going to be better.

In Hyper Scapeplayers can equip two Hacks and weapons. We’ve already covered the best Hacks there are in the game, so now, it’s time to check out which weapons are worth a spot on the player’s inventory.


The Hexfire is undoubtedly an overpowered weapon in the game. In fact, Ubisoft has already confirmed that the weapon will be nerfed as soon as possible. As early as now, players should try the weapon out as it’s something that can decimate enemies quickly.

The Hexfire is an LMG. This means the weapon has an absurd amount of bullets, damage, partnered with a high rate of fire. What makes if overpowered is that unlike other LMGs in other games, the Hexfire has a quick reload time making it very capable of wiping out an entire squad.

Protocol V

Since there are many high grounds in the game, it’s evident that some of the best weapons in Neo Arcadia are those that can take out enemies from afar.

The Protocol V is the only sniper rifle in Hyper Scape. It’s perfect for players that love to perch up high buildings while taking out enemy’s stealthily. It can one-shot enemies with a shot to the head. The downside though, is that this weapon doesn’t work well at close range.


The Ripper is the only assault rifle that players can find in Neo Arcadia. That being said, it’s also one of the more versatile weapons in the game. It works perfectly as a short and mid-ranged weapon, and its rate of fire is top-notch. The weapon may have few stability issues, but players can easily control this powerful gun with enough skill.

When upgraded, the Ripper can get higher magazines making it easier to take out enemies. In terms of usability, players can think of the Ripper as a mix between an AR and a sub-machine gun due to its rate of fire.

These weapons in Hyper Scape are currently the best of the best. We can expect Ubisoft to increase the game’s arsenal as it moves forward. The game launches into full beta this July 12, and it will be available on consoles and PC.


Image used courtesy of Ubisoft/YouTube

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