Best wireless headsets for work from home and productivity


The best wireless headsets available today are great for remote work and productivity. It also solves the problem of limited movement experienced on wired counterparts.

There are several things to consider in choosing the best wireless headsets. First, the sound quality. Next, is the battery life. The last one is the connectivity.

However, these factors are not exclusive to one person. There are different priorities and needs for each remote worker today.

That being said, here are the top picks for the best wireless headsets for remote work.

1. TaoTronics Trucker Bluetooth Headset

The TaoTronics Trucker Bluetooth Headset is a great and versatile option. The built-in microphone makes it great for voice calls.

The sound quality is great due to its noise-canceling feature. It works really well in isolating sound from a noisy background.

Specs sheet says that it can reduce up to 40 decibels of outside noise. This is an impressive feat considering that it is only US$49[AU$68.59] in Amazon.

As much as the noise-canceling feature is nice, there is no way to disable it.

Moreover, this headset has a QCC3020 chipset. This helps in maintaining signal strength while in use. It also allows the headset to switch between two devices instantaneously. This is helpful for workers who need are using multiple devices.

The battery life is impressive as well. TaoTronics claim that it can last up to 34-hours. It easily beats some of the more expensive options out there. Charging is done via USB connection and in two hours it is all done.

Take note that this only has one side for sound. It leaves the other ear open for spatial awareness.

Because of that, it is a great companion for traveling. Whether answering calls while driving or while in public transportation, it does its job really well.

2. Mpow M5 Pro Bluetooth Headset

Mpow is one of the underdogs when it comes to audio peripherals. It may not be as famous as Sennheiser or Audio Technica, but its products can compete in the budget market.

The Mpow M5 Pro Bluetooth Headset is a testament to its quality. It proves that not every great headset must be expensive.

This device is perfect for those who work long hours. The comfortable padding surrounding the earcups is great for long time wear.

It includes noise-canceling and connects via Bluetooth. The M5 Pro is perfect for home settings wherein outside noise is inevitable.

This headset is similar to the TaoTronics Tucker. It can also connect to two devices at the same time and switch between whenever needed.

There is one caveat though. Several users mentioned that the volume varies between devices. Mpow should look into it and improve its headset if that is the case.

It could have been a contender for the top spot if not for the lower battery life. The M5 Pro only has 18-hour battery life. It is by no means a slouch. But, the Tucker is way better.

Charging time takes about two hours to complete which is perfectly fine for this device.

Nonetheless, the best feature of this device is its price. It is available for only US$36[AU$50.39]. This makes it affordable for every remote worker out there.

3. Jabra Evolve 65 UC Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Headset

The Jabra Evolve 65 UC is one of the lightest models in the market. It might be lightweight but it does not skimp on any features.

This headset has an indicator whenever a call is on-going. It is perfect for use in a household where anyone has the freedom to disturb a remote worker.

Sound quality-wise, it is more than enough for regular use. It has stereo speakers that output a clear sound that highlights voice signature.

Evolve 65 UC also has a noise cancelation feature. As an added bonus, the noise-canceling does not only affect the user. The headset cancels unwanted noise from the mic itself for a clearer voice reception.

Battery life is a little bit on the short side though. It only lasts for 10 hours before dying. There is a USB connector though for an easy PC charging.

At US$199[AU$278.54], it is one the pricey side. But, the Jabra Evolve 65 ticks all the right boxes. For someone who uses a device for a short while, this is worth considering.

That is it for the top three best wireless headsets available for work today. It is a necessary tool knowing that remote work is the new normal during these times.

Images used courtesy of Ivan Samkov/Pexels, TaoTronics, Mpow M5 Pro, Jabra Evolve 65

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