Bethesda’s ‘Elder Scrolls: Blades’ misses its launch mark, May 14 allegedly

'Elder Scrolls: Blades' Official Logo

Originally bound for May 12, 2020, Bethesda’s mobile spin-off of its popular RPG, Elder Scrolls: Blades, failed to show up on eShop, subsequently leading to speculation of May 14 release.

Many fans who anticipated the release of the also mobile title are disappointed with the missed appearance. That includes Destructoid that was locked into the game’s launch.

Predisposed to its own presumptions, Destructoid claims that there might be ‘days’ of delay before the game would appear. But what would cause the postponement, is left on everyone’s assumptions.

Everybody’s Guessing

With neither an official word from Nintendo nor Bethesda, many are left to assume what’s happening. Some claim that the missed show up is a result of Bethesda failing to follow up on the delay. Why that is the case is left to some interpretations and is mind-boggling.

The same can also be said with Nintendo which was proponent to the proclamation of the game’s May 12, 2020 release. It, too, appears mum as the event is happening.

Making the issue more perplexing than it already is was the fact that Blades saw a successful mobile launch yesterday. An event that is meant to coincide with the game’s supposed release on the Nintendo Switch.

It means that the game is well on its way as a full playable release and not hindered by breaking technical issues. The kind that could force any digital product to move away from its promised release date to save face, despite spoiling everyone’s anticipations.

That is not to mention that the game has been in ‘playable’ state since it kickstarted an early access state months back. The mobile version release, at least, is a full working product.

Why would Blades be released on one platform and not the other is cathartic. Especially true to those who are itching to play the game on the Switch. Possibly, further induced by the forced lockdown that coop everyone indoors.

Bethesda Being ‘Bethesda’

Bethesda is not necessarily new in creating drama when releasing games. This is not trying to simply badmouth the company. With previous records of misleading releases, the happening with Blades is nothing short of unsurprising.

But whether the reason for the setback is reasonable or not, the explanation remains to be seen. Meantime, everyone is strongly hoping that Elder Scrolls: Blades would miraculously appear on eShop on May 14.

Image used courtesy of Twitter/The Elder Scrolls

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