Betty White becomes recluse after testing positive for COVID-19: Rumor

Betty White previously tested positive for COVID-19. And a tabloid is claiming that the illness turned her into a recluse.

According to Globe, Betty White turned into a recluse simply because she was forced to isolate herself at home and away from her loved ones.

However, this isn’t unusual for someone who tests positive for COVID-19.

Betty White in recovery after COVID-19 diagnosis

In fact, even the veteran actress’s rep said that White dealt with her isolation with grace.

“The pandemic has severely affected her life and her ability to regularly interact with friends face-to-face. However, she still pens plenty of letters, makes phone calls, and has limited visits with friends and loved ones through the window of her home,” her rep said.

White’s rep also said that the actress is looking forward to summer when she can finally spend some time outdoors and regain her freedom.

Betty White shares her secret to living a long life

Earlier this year, White also made headlines when she celebrated her 99th birthday and revealed what keeps her young.

While speaking with People, the Hot in Cleveland star said that her sense of humor is what keeps her youthful.

“I don’t like the other side. The positive side is a lot more fun. Don’t take yourself too seriously. You can lie to others – not that I would – but you cannot lie to yourself,” she said.

When asked what her advice would be on living a long life, Betty White once again said that everyone should have a sense of humor.

“Again, having a sense of humor. Just looking at the positive side and not dwelling on the downside. Takes up too much energy being negative. Also, having a good agent who keeps me busy all the time,” she said.

The actress’s next project

White has been in the industry for decades. She has starred in multiple television and movie roles. But perhaps, one of her most iconic projects was The Golden Girls. In the series, White played the role of Rose Nylund.

She also played the role of Elka Ostrovsky in Hot in Cleveland, and Sue Ann Nivens in The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Betty White will reportedly star in a new movie for Lifetime, but the project has been delayed.

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