Betty White faced alarming health issue days before her death


Betty White dealt with a health issue a few days before her death.

Several news outlets confirmed what happened to Betty White days before she passed away through the late comedic icon’s death certificate.

According to E! Online, White’s death certificate revealed that she died of a cerebrovascular accident or stroke six days before her passing. According to the University of Michigan Health, the disease refers to conditions that affect the blood vessels in the brain. For the actress’ part, her disease already affected her brain tissue and caused a stroke.

“I was told that Betty passed in her sleep peacefully without pain,” the late star’s agent and close friend Jeff Witjas told Fox News. “To me, that is the most important thing and brings me comfort as her dear friend.”

The exact death certificate confirmed that she was found dead in her Los Angeles home and that the event was not reported to a coroner.

Witjas previously issued a statement to People confirming that she died peacefully in her sleep. He also debunked buzzes that her death was related to the booster shot she received three days before her passing.

What the rumor about White’s death suggested

Soon after White’s passing, a fabricated quote started to circulate online. It said that White herself confirmed she got boosted three days before her passing, causing people to assume that the shot played a role in her death.

“People are saying her death was related to getting a booster shot three days earlier but that is not true. She died of natural causes,” Witjas told E! News. “Her death should not be politicized—that is not the life she lived.”

Amid the rumors surrounding her death, the agent chose to remember her instead for the actress’ works as an animal lover and activist. Per Witjas, White showed to the public who she really is.

“To all her fabulous fans, I would just say remember Betty’s legacy… The kindness, the goodness, the love of animals,” he said. “To me, it’s really just remembering the greatness of Betty White, the kindness and the laughter she has left for us with all her performances.”

White served Hollywood for more than 70 years, starting her career through the short film Time To Kill. She also appeared in several flicks afterward, including Lake PlacidThe Mary Tyler Moore Show, and Forky Asks a Question.

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