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Betty White updates her will, gives money to her dogs: Rumor


Betty White, allegedly, updated her will to include her adorable four-legged friends.

According to Star, after Betty White turned 99, she decided to update her will so that her pets will be well taken care of even after she’s gone.

Throughout her decades-long career, the actress amassed a $75 million fortune. And she will be leaving some of her money to her family.

Betty White will leave more money to her dogs than her family

However, a source told the tabloid that the majority of her cash, properties, and assets will be given to her pets.

“It’s bound to leave her friends and family, especially her step kids speechless,” the source said.

Betty White vows to give her dogs the best life

The insider revealed that White treats her dogs like her own children.

“Betty pampers her pets like they’re her children. She usually has a dozen mutts running around, plus she fosters more. They have their own playroom and get homemade meals made from the best organic meats and veggies and a vet and groomer who makes home visits,” the source said.

After she passes on, White will also, allegedly, leave a generous sum to her favorite animal charities. But it is her own dogs that will get the best.

“She made sure her will stipulated they have luxury collars and leashes. Plus their own valet and housekeeper,” the source said.

However, even though there’s no doubt that Betty White loves her dogs, the tabloid’s claims seem absurd. As of late, the veteran actress hasn’t also talked about her will because this is a private matter.

Where it all started

Meanwhile, White’s love for animals reportedly started when she was still very young. During a previous interview with Smithsonian Magazine, the actress said that her love for animals started when her mom was still pregnant with her.

While speaking with TV Guide, White also said that she’s blessed to be able to devote half of her time to her career and the other half to animals.

“I was the lucky little girl who had parents who went for a walk and they’d come home with a dog or a cat. He followed us home, Betty. Can we keep him?’” Betty White said.

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