Beyoncé beats Lady Gaga after releasing her ‘Black Parade’ single

Beyoncé beats Lady Gaga for the fourth most no. 1 sales hits among women after releasing her Black Parade single.

Beyoncé released a new single to the surprise of her fans, and it broke records. Her new song entitled “Black Parade” made waves even if it came without warning.

Beyoncé beats Lady Gaga

Two weeks ago, the Single Ladies hitmaker released her new single Black Parade. It opens at No. 1 on Billboard’s Digital Song Sales charts.

According to Forbes, Beyoncé has broken out of a tie with Lady Gaga. The Poker Face singer tied with Queen Bey a month ago with “Rain on Me,” her collaboration with Ariana Grande that also topped the Hot 100.

However, the two hitmakers are no longer on the same level as Beyoncé stands alone on the fourth spot on the list of the women who have landed the most No. 1 smashes on the Digital Song Sales chart.

On top of the chart is Taylor Swift with 19 No. 1s on the Digital Song Sales list. Behind the Love Story singer are Rihanna with 14 and Katy Perry with 11.

Beyoncé is very involved in her song

Beyoncé usually recruits a team for writing sessions, which isn’t new at all. Kanye West and Adele also do the same.

However, according to Dre, one half of the production duo Cool & Dre, said the performer is “100 percent involved” in writing her songs.

“She put her mind to the music and did her thing. If she had a melody idea, she came up with the words. If we had the words, she came up with the melody. She’s a beast,” Dre told Billboard.


The hitmaker is talented and creative

Dre also recalled how quick and talented Beyoncé was in picking up a beat. He could not help but praise Bey’s creativeness.

“When I went out to their compound, I played them a sample that had a lady singing in French on a loop throughout the whole record. Bey said to play it again, and I did. And then she said to play it again, and I did,” Dre shared.

“On the third time, she sang the whole sample from beginning to end—in a different language!” he said without hiding his amazement.

Dre was very impressed by how Beyoncé came up with a new song after three listens. Dre said he didn’t understand what the sample was saying, but it usually takes hours or days to make a beat.

“When I saw that, I was like, ‘This is a totally different level,'” he added.

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