Beyonce did a remix of Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Savage’ for COVID-19 relief


Even during a lockdown, Queen Bey is not stopping anywhere and continues to rock everyone’s world. On Tuesday, Megan Thee Stallion went on social media and posted a video of her fangirling over Beyonce.

The “Savage” superstar got super emotional talking about Beyonce’s remix of her top-chart song. MTS went on Instagram Live and recorded her excitement.

The Instagram Live Video

In the Instagram live video MTS made, she mentioned that late mother would be so proud of her. Her mother was a die-hard and big fan of Beyonce. 

Knowing that Beyonce recreated a remix to her hit song, MTS’ mother would have been so happy for her.

According to reports, it was also the first time MTS opened up something personal in public. MTS shared how her mother met Beyonce once, and the story was pretty cool.

Beyonce remixed MTS’ hit song. 

To ease everyone’s mind and boredom at home, Beyonce brewed remix of MTS’ hit song “Savage,” 

The song was made famous in the singing app “TikTok.” The song became a dance challenge, and many people across the world made dance covers of it.

Although the song is already fire, Beyonce added some more hot sauce to it and made it even more “savage.” 

Queen Bey decided to call up the 25-year-old rapper for a remix to her hit song. Beyonce recorded it on her home studio and it blew up instantly as soon as she posted the piece.

The song spiraled on different social media and music platforms. It also reached the famous TikTok app, and many are now enticed to make a dance cover of the new remix.

In the remix lyrics, Beyonce also mentioned the word TikTok in one of her verses.

Dedication to COVID-19

Beyonce dedicates the remix to everyone who is staying at home and cooperating in fighting the global pandemic. 

Many people, especially Beyonce fans, are happy about the “Savage” remix.

It is the first new music Beyonce released since her collaboration in the “Lion King’s” album in the summer. 

The lyric video already gained nearly half a million views on YouTube. The views increased to that number in over just an hour or so after it was posted online. 

MTS was surprised by the public’s reaction to the song. In her Instagram live video, she said she was crying over the collab’s outcome. 

MTS shared the collab meant everything to her. She thanked all of her and Queen Bey’s fans for the support. 

The remix will also help in fighting against COVID-19. MTS and Beyonce will be donating their share of the music to benefit Bread of Life COVID-19 Relief that is based in Texas. 

Image courtesy of Beyonce/YouTube Screenshot

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