Disney beyond closed gates: The action behind its halted operations


Disney Parks worldwide have been shuttered in March due to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. A resulting mystery is concocted, and many are increasingly piqued of what happens beyond its closed gates.

According to a report, thousands of Disney fans have had their trips to the theme parks canceled. While the company offers a full refund of the said bookings, the said aficionados remain dispirited upon discovering that the beloved amusement parks would remain closed indefinitely. 

Analysts have not only cited a 3% drop in Disney’s stock prices, but it has also added that many factors such as the need for social distancing, new health precautions, and crowd aversion that will prove to be barriers to the resumption of Disney’s operations – unless, a vaccine for the coronavirus is made available. 

Consequently, some photos online have been portraying a seemingly empty and desolate Disneyland. Unbeknownst to its viewers, there is still a lot of action happening behind its closed gates. 

With or without visitors 

Reader’s Digest details that the animals inhabiting the Disney’s Animal Kingdom are still being looked after by a dedicated care team. With over 2,000 animals belonging to 300 different species, the company believes that these wonderful creatures still need to be in their best health conditions even if visitors are not there to see them yet.

In addition, Walt Disney employees are still raising the American flag within the park each day – despite knowing that nobody is there to witness the ritual. 

What’s more magical is that as hard as it may be, the parks’ topiaries are still being pruned to its classic signature shapes. Josh D’ Amaro, who is the president of Disney World, expressed his delight upon knowing this and thanked Disney’s horticulture team for their relentless efforts.

Disney to medical frontline workers: ‘Merci’

Beyond closed gates, Disney parks are still partially operational after dark because of a message that the Kingdom wants to convey.

Earlier this month, Disney World’s Cinderella Castle was lit in blue lights while Disney guards held on to signs saying, “thank you.” In Paris and in California, spring blossoms were arranged to spell out messages such as “Merci,” “Gracias,” and “Thank You.”

Beyond closed gates, the Magic Continues 

Despite having no visitors, there is a lamp inside Walt Disney’s second-floor apartment that unfailingly glows over Disney Town Square, signifying a light of hope amid the current pandemic. 

Rebecca Campbell, who is Disneyland Park’s president, informs that the whole family of Disney is looking forward to the day when families of places far and wide can join them again. 


Featured image courtesy of Benjamin Suter/Pexels.

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