Beyond Finance: Creating, trading synthetic financial products made easy

Taking risks is part of the investment game, even to expert investors.

But today, there is a way for investors to calculate the likelihood of their success or failure.

That is all possible thanks to Beyond Finance.

As it is designed to create ideal synthetic product protocols for everyone, it gives creations the exposure they need in addition to the trading of synthetic financial products.

There might have been attempts before to offer the same kind of service, but these were critically flawed, and that damaged the trust people had in synthetic products.

Beyond Finance is here to deliver what was failed to be delivered, and then some.

How Beyond synthetics work

Synthetic products produced by Beyond Finance track the underlying price of assets. These products are backed by the Beyond (BYN) token, which has a collateralization ratio of 300%.

In creating a synthetic product, users will have to send their BYN collateral into a shared pool. Beyond Finance’s integration with Chainlink and other price oracles helps in determining the exact amount of BYN tokens required to create the synthetic financial instruments.

By utilizing the decentralized platform of Beyond Finance, users are able to engage in trading of the created synthetic products.

Here, they don’t just create. They also trade.

About Beyond Finance

Beyond Finance is a new decentralized platform that offers the creation and trading of synthetic financial products designed to fulfill the needs of the creator.

It features its native Beyond (BYN) token, which is essential for its operation as users can utilize it to create their own synthetic financial instrument. Aside from that, it has its own protocol and built-in Automated Market Maker (AMM) and trading interface.

Beyond Finance offers exposure to the underlying asset price without the need to actually owning an asset.

That’s price tracking and monitoring made easy.


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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