Biden news: Over 30 EOs already signed including reversing Trump policies

Biden news: Over 30 EOs already signed including reversing Trump policies

Just a week on being in office, President Joe Biden has already signed over 30 executive orders. A few of which are policies from the Trump-era.

Recent Joe Biden news report that the newly integrated US president has been hard at work. In a week’s time, he’s signed so many orders, fast-tracking the plans he laid out from the beginning of his campaign.

Per USA Todaythe orders are wide-ranged; from COVID-19 responses, immigration reforms, and to the reversal of former President Donald Trump‘s policies.

Reuters further highlighted that the signed orders are actually about 40, with nearly half it “overturning Trump mandates.”

Trump immigration policies reversed

Biden has since promised to reverse the strict immigration policies imposed by the Trump administration. On day one, the new POTUS has signed, not only one but several, executive orders— all immigration-related.

He reinstated President Obama‘s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which was reversed in 2017 by Trump. Not only that, he sent his own immigration reform plan to Congress.

As an overview, the plan is set to make a path “permanent residence and citizenship for DACA beneficiaries.”

As quoted by Reuters, Princeton University’s presidential historian, Julian Zelizer, said Biden is “going through a lot of the Trump agenda and dismantling it because (Trump’s) agenda was put into place this way.”

Further describing it as “kind of a very transitory way to govern.”

Accordingly, it is said that many of Trump’s “enduring achievements” are vulnerable to being rapidly reversed because they were enacted “via executive order”. This may include his 2017 tax reform bill and his appointment to three Supreme Court justices.

Other Biden news: Climate change and COVID-19 orders

It can be remembered that one of the hot topics discussed during the wildly heated Presidential debates was climate change.  Accordingly, three of the orders signed this week were “climate and environmental justice-related measures.”

These orders raised climate change as a “national security concern.” In fact, still on day one, Biden rejoined the Paris Agreement, after Trump decided to pull out of it in 2017.

Of course, with the COVID-19 pandemic still hanging in the air, Biden rolled out new safety measures and protocols. A few of his orders mandated the wearing of the mask and social distancing as requirements within federal buildings and lands and on public transport.

The Democrat President also signed an order for the U.S. to return to the World Health Organization. It can be remembered that Trump highly criticized WHO at the onset of the pandemic, resulting in the country’s withdrawal.


Featured image courtesy of President Biden/Twitter




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