Biden promises to pass LGBTQ Equality Act in first 100 days

Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden has vowed to pass the Equality Act for LGBTQ in the first 100 days, in case of his victory.

According to Reuters, Biden was doing an interview on Thursday over the rights of the LGBTQ community.

While speaking on social issues and the present scenario, he promised to pass the Equality Act if he wins. It will include many rights for the citizens of the United States.

It’s a known fact that Joe Biden always keeps supporting gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgender, and queer rights. In the interview with Philadelphia Gay News, he also said that queer rights would expand further.

He said that it would be done on a global level by making equality a centerpiece of US diplomacy.

Joe Biden campaign attracting LGBTQ community

Since the start of the election campaign, the Democrat candidate has become quite popular among the Americans. On the grounds of democracy, social issues, and economic topics, he’s been openly vocal.

Not just the citizens, many renowned artists and entertainment celebrities are backing him. And their fans are also supporting Biden, which is quite obvious.

When it comes to LGBTQ people’s problems, his party has clearly extended a lot of support. On the other hand, the Republican Party is consistently getting criticized among the queer community.

Recently it was revealed that some US Christian right groups promoted agendas against LGBTQ in Europe. The interesting thing is that they are also linked to President Donald Trump’s administration.

Democrats leading in polls ahead of Tuesday election

Hardly four days are left until the ultimate showdown, that is, election day. And early predictions are already showing who’s winning eventually.

Although it cannot be taken as an official outcome, the wave is purely in favor of Democrats.

Many prominent news outlets are showing that Joe Biden is strongly ahead of Republican candidate Donald Trump. Amid a pandemic, the vote becomes even more significant because the people of America want someone who can actually handle the virus wisely.

Biden was also praised in the final presidential debate, that was a virtual event. He made solid arguments and replied smartly to his opponent.

In the case of his victory, it will be really intriguing to see what new reforms he brings to elevate LGBTQ people. They are still not getting the normal lives they deserve in society. And most of them are keeping their hopes with Biden this time.

Yes, they are not facing harsh oppression, but there’s always indirect discrimination. It becomes inevitable at times, if not every time.

Next week’s Tuesday, Nov. 3, will decide the future of all the Americans, for sure.

Image courtesy of Matt Smith Photographer/Shutterstock

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