Biden says social media platforms are ‘killing people’ with misinformation

White House spokesperson Jen Psaki said that Facebook had not done enough to prevent the spread of misinformation.

US President Joe Biden criticized social media platforms such as Facebook for spreading misinformation about the coronavirus and vaccines on Friday. This is because his administration blamed them for the stagnation.

On Friday afternoon, a White House reporter asked Biden about the misinformation about the coronavirus on social media platforms.

“They kill,” Biden said when a reporter asked about his information on social media. For example, Facebook has made false and misleading claims about the virus and the safety of vaccines to prevent it.

Biden said: “I mean, actually, you see, our only epidemic is people who are not vaccinated. They are killing people.”

On the South Lawn of the White House, Biden’s remarks on Friday afternoon and disease control. Moreover, Rochelle Varensky, director of the Prevention Center, echoed the remarks, who warned earlier that COVID19 is becoming an unvaccinated pandemic.

Varensky told reporters at a public health meeting. We have seen outbreaks in parts of the country where vaccination coverage is low because people who have not been vaccinated are at risk. White House spokesperson Jen Psaki released information in the Daily News.

Misinformation on social media

The meeting stated that Facebook had not done enough to prevent false information about the coronavirus. However, adding that the White House has made some recommendations to Facebook and other platforms that disseminate information.

Nearly 65% ​​of misinformation about vaccines is on social media. It was caused by misinformation that included 12 people were killed.

Just a day ago, American surgeon Vivek Murthy issued a committee on Thursday, saying that because the Biden government is a demon, health The error message is “emergency threat.” Murthy said that although the vaccine is widely available. I use it to get more people vaccinated.

Further, misinformation is one of the reasons why some Americans are not vaccinated against COVID19.

“Modern technology companies allow false information to poison our information environment without being responsible to users,” Murti said in his speech.

Thursday in the White House conference room. You let those who deliberately spread misinformation, we call it misinformation, get special reports. The White House is urging Facebook and other social media companies to take more aggressive action against them.

According to White House spokesperson Jen Psaki, “malicious news” is spreading misinformation and spreading information in the news.

“We regularly ensure that social media platforms are aware of the latest dangerous public health statements that many other Americans and we see on all social media and traditional media.

And are working hard to contact them to improve the application understanding of the guidelines. Platform,” Psaki told reporters on Friday.


Image courtesy of CBS Evening News/YouTube

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