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‘Big Brother’ 2020: New details, challenges, release date revealed


Channel 7 finally revealed the release date of the much-awaited Big Brother 2020. The favorite reality show will soon return, and it promises an all-new feature with its new format.

Big Brother 2020 is going to be an all-new game, given that it is a reboot.  As everything will be different, viewers have to wait and see what it has in store for everyone.

New details and plot of the show’s reboot

In the show’s new details, as obtained by New Idea, the upcoming season will be full of action. In the reboot, every new episode will feature a challenge and elimination at the same time.

Big Brother is changing the rules,” the show’s official Twitter page revealed. “Every day, he will set a new challenge, and every episode will end with an eviction.”

In some of Channel Seven’s advertisements, it revealed the new challenges that would come to the new housemates’ way. The new tasks would be quite reminiscent of that of Friday Night Live.

To recall, the housemates took “larger-than-life games and obstacles” on Friday Night Live to win prizes or nights in the rewards room. In Big Brother 2020, it looks like the prizes will be more beneficial for the housemates’ survival.

New challenges awaiting new housemates

In an interview on Nova 96.9’s Fitzy & Wippa show, Big Brother 2020 host Sonia Kruger discussed how the eviction would work out this time, and it did not sound good for the housemates.

“In this version of the show, the housemates go through huge challenges,” she explained. “If you win a challenge, you get to nominate three people. Then the housemates’ vote who goes home.”

However, the good thing here is although three people get nominated, only one of them goes home. But, the other two nominees will know who chose them.

A whole new game for the housemates

With a new format and a custom-built home to start-up, Big Brother 2020 will be a whole new game, Yahoo Lifestyle noted. Channel 7’s executives are, reportedly, inspired by the United States and Canadian versions of the show, wherein the housemates are pitted against each other.

In the first Australian version, there may be alliances formed, backstabbing, and strategizing, like a Survivor-style “tribal council” due to the way they will be eliminated. Anyhow, with a $250,000 prize at stake, who will not try their best to win?

Big Brother 2020 will be out on Monday, June 8, at 7:30 p.m. on Channel 7. It will air three times a week on its new home network.

Featured image used courtesy of Seven Network/YouTube Screenshot, the video used courtesy of Sonia Kruger/Instagram

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