‘Big Brother Australia’: The truth between Sophie and Chad

Big Brother Australia has returned to the small screen on channel 7 after six long years of hiatus. The house has opened once again for the housemates and making some buzz already of Sophie and Chad.

Those who follow 2020’s Big Brother Australia knows Sophie Budack and Chad Hurst. The two are famous for hitting it off so quickly inside the house.

But many believe that their flourishing romance is all just part of the show’s plan to help perk up the ratings.

However, according to reports, Sophia insists that there is really something special between her and Chad.

The truth in their romance

The first time Sophie saw Chad, she was immediately attracted to him.

“I saw him and was like, ‘Wow! This guy is incredibly good looking. Why have they put this amazing handsome man in the house?’” Sophie told New Idea.

And though she initially set her mind to win a game and not be distracted by any pretty faces, she fell into the romance trap.

Several viewers insisted that the thing between Sophie and Chad is something that the producers cooked for the show.

But as proof that they are being real, Sophie said they have been contacting every single day since they left the Big Brother house.

She even revealed that she’s planning on moving closer to Chad by living in his hometown in Sydney once the nation’s borders reopen.

“The feelings are definitely genuine. We were [already] playing a game … It’s too hard to play a game and play someone else in it,” Sophie said. “Well, for us it was. Chad looks like this big man, but he’s really quite soft and gentle on the inside.”

Love or money?

The 25-year old champion gymnast did not disregard the fact though that she joined Big Brother Australia for the prize.

She and Chad are both fan favorites to make it to the final three. And should they beat each other to the grand prize winner, she is confident that their relationship will still be there.

“At the end of the day we came here to win,” said Sophie. “If Chad won, I’d be happy for him, and I think he’d be happy for me. We can share the money. What’s mine is yours [laughs].”

And as to who deserves to win more, the former Australian Olympic gymnastics team member said that they are equally deserving.

“I think we have played a very nice, genuine game. I don’t think I deserve to win more than him. We deserve it equally.”

Big Brother Australia fans will have to stay tuned to find out who gets to be the big winner.

Featured image used courtesy of bigbrotherau/YouTube screenshot

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