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‘Big Brother’ Season 22: CBS allegedly contacting previous winners, alumni


Big Brother is about to celebrate its 20th anniversary this year. To make the occasion extra special, there are rumors that there may be Big Brother: All-Stars 2.

So, will Big Brother Season 22 feature its famous winners and alumni? CBS remains mum about its plan for the new season. Although the network already confirmed its return, it has yet to announce the stars it’s going to feature.

A possible all-star new season

According to Us Weekly, multiple sources revealed that CBS had been secretly contacting the show’s former players for a possible all-star season this summer.

Allegedly, the negotiations are still ongoing, and several previous winners of the show and famous alumni are already approached. They are, reportedly, asked to return for the series’ 20th anniversary.

However, sources told Us that some of them already refused to appear in Big Brother Season 22 due to different reasons, including the COVID-19 pandemic.

The show has brought back its former players before. Hence, fans are once again requesting for another all-star season this year. The last time CBS did this was in Season 7 in 2006, when Mike “Boogie” Malin won.

Big Brother also affected by the new normal

Speaking of the coronavirus, the new season may also be affected by the new normal. It may look different this time. It is also likely that it will begin later than the usual premiere date.

Insiders also told Us that the players have to be kept away from others longer than usual. They will be under quarantine for 14 days before they can finally enter the house to make sure that they are all healthy.

Everyone thought Big Brother Season 22 would be canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl confirmed the show would return.

“With Love Island and Big Brother, we still hope to have on the air this summer,” she told Deadline in May. “It could be a little later than usual, but we’re still optimistic about getting those on.”

“Those shows turn around pretty quickly, Big Brother has live shows every week,” Kahl added. “Love Island literally airs the night after it shoots, those shows do not have long post processes.”

The COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t only affect people’s health but the economy and many businesses as well. Both TV and movie productions are put to stop as the government imposed self-isolation and social-distancing protocols.

However, as some of these rules are already easing, the TV and movie productions may soon begin. Hence, in no time, fans may see Big Brother Season 22 on the small screen.

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