‘Big Brother’ Season 23 spoilers: Complete cast lineup to be unveiled this week?

'Big Brother' Season 23 Spoilers: Complete Cast Lineup To Be Unveiled This Week?

Big Brother Season 23 will premiere on July 7. And though the premiere date is just one week away, not much is known about the upcoming installment.

However, there are ongoing rumors that Big Brother Season 23 will unveil its full cast lineup on June 30.

Twitter user @Spoilergirl1 shared the news on Twitter, but CBS has yet to comment.

The same Twitter user added that the 16 houseguests have already been sequestered to quarantine for the show.

And just days before the premiere, fans are anticipating that CBS will drop the first look at Big Brother house.

Julie Chen teases the upcoming season of 'Big Brother' 

Julie Chen teases the upcoming season of ‘Big Brother’

Throughout the past couple of seasons, this has been a common occurrence days before the premiere airs. And host Julie Chen also gives a house tour prior to the new season.

Chen previously revealed that this season’s house interior will have a summer feel. The houseguests will also face some major consequences and rewards throughout Season 23.

There are also rumors that some of the houseguests will be playing as duos.

Changes in Season 23

Meanwhile, the new season of Big Brother Season 23 will air in July, unlike the previous installments prior to COVID-19 that aired in June.

Last year, the reality TV show even premiered two months later because of the pandemic. And since auditioning new houseguests would’ve been very challenging, CBS decided to launch an all-star season.

But according to Screenrant, not all BB fanatics were pleased with the previous season because it lacked entertainment.

Big Brother Season 22 wrapped up last year with Cody Calafiore bringing home the $500,000 grand prize. And Enzo Palumbo was his runner-up.

‘Big Brother’ contestants engaged

Meanwhile, two Big Brother Season 22 contestants just made headlines this week after they announced their engagement.

Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott got engaged at the Little Palm Island Resort and Spa in Florida last week.

Garrett and Abbott first met on Big Brother All-Stars. And according to the former, he immediately felt a connection with her.

“Before I even met Christmas, I felt a cosmic attraction to her. Once we spent 24/7 together for three months, I knew she was the one that I would spend the rest of my life with. I knew I found my twin flame,” Garrett said.

Prior to joining the all-star cast, Abbott appeared in Big Brother Season 19, while Garrett appeared in Big Brother Season 10.

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