Big Hit Entertainment doubled its stock market value than its IPO

Big Hit Entertainment, the label behind the chart-topping K-pop boy group BTS, made an outstanding stock market debut.

In the previous report, the company is officially listed on the Korea Composite Stock Price Index last October 15.

Big Hit Entertainment announced that they are offering an initial public offering for retail investors. The company is considered as one of the biggest deals offering in the country this year.

The index of all common stocks traded on the Stock Market Division of the Korea Exchange and the agency also got the equivalent of the United States’ S&P 500.

The double in numbers

As the opening bell rang at 9 A.M., the shares of Big Hit Entertainment began at 270,000 won or approximately $235.

The number has doubled from the initial public offering (IPO) price of135,000 won or roughly $118.

Big Hit Entertainment’s stock shares soared higher than the agency expected. In less than an hour, it raised to 300,500 won or approximately $262.

Expressing their gratitude

The CEO and Founder of Big Hit Entertainment, Bang Si Hyuk, expressed his gratitude to all the people who gave their unending support.

The agency would not reach the feat if it weren’t for the public’s vast help, making it possible for them to go public.

The agency also thanked all the fans who love and trust Big Hit Entertainment’s artist and content. Furthermore, the agency expressed its praise to all of its artists and staff.

Celebrating 15 years of Big Hit Entertainment

The entertainment agency recently celebrated its 15th anniversary. The agency began as a small entertainment company to comfort and move people’s hearts through its artists’ music.

To date, the small entertainment company has taken a whole new level and is now a global enterprise.

Bang Si Hyuk commented that Big Hit Entertainment is a publicly-traded company, and it takes profound responsibility for every shareholder.

He added that the company would find a wide variety of angles, and they will do their best to increase their shareholder value.

The agency hopes that the fans would continue to support the stock market and their artists.

Image courtesy of jo.pix/Shutterstock

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