Big Hit Entertainment: ‘No other group can become like BTS’

On November 3, the Chief Executive Officer of Big Hit Entertainment, Yoon Seok Jun, said no one can ever duplicate BTS.

The Big Hit Entertainment’s CEO has made a special guest at the Harvard Business School in the United States. There, he joined the online lecture on entertainment, media, and sports business.

The prestigious school conducted the class online due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and the speakership of CEO Yoon Seok Jun is part of Professor Anita Elberse.

Harvard’s invitation

The professor who invited the CEO of Big Hit, Elberse, is the school’s top authority in research. He focuses on the media, sports, and entertainment industries. She became known through her research presented last June this year.

The research she presented is titled Big Hit Entertainment and Blockbuster Band BTS: K-Pop Goes Global. It’s conducted study is an analysis of Big Hit and BTS’s success factors.

Big Hit’s CEO took part in two lectures at the suggestion of Professor Elberse. Each class consists of 160 students.

The students and professors exchanged their various analyzes and opinions on world-renowned BTS’ success factors.

Also, they brainstormed regarding the sustainability of Big Hit and the triumph of the K-Pop boy group.

The brainstorming of the brilliant minds

During the exchange of thoughts, the students cited the terms like an artist-friendly contract, respect for artists’ freedom, sufficient investment of cost and human resources, and the balance of rational power between the agency and the artists.

They also mentioned the utilization of technology and the various profit models based on core content as Big Hit Entertainment’s distinguishing aspects.

Furthermore, CEO Yoon Seok Jun explained the success factors and business strategies of Big Hit Entertainment. The thoughts he shared is based on the experience and expertise that has helped the company.

Regarding the question about the sustainability success of Big Hit, the CEO answered,

“Because of the identity and authenticity of BTS, which cannot be duplicated, THere cannot be another bts.”

Success tips and plans

Yoon also shared that Big Hit focuses more on researching the method of communication. They find this factor as somehow required in the present era.

He expressed that they plan to show content and services that only they can provide ten years from now.

Moreover, the executive officer chief mentioned the uniqueness of BTS’s fan club. He continued that the support of the club is not common to any entertainer or athlete.

“The ARMYs (BTS fans) take BTS’s storyline and make content to spread the story of BTS to those that don’t know them yet,” he added.

Meanwhile, for the past ten years, CEO Yoon Seok Jun leads the Big Hit Entertainment and BTS’s growth. He is recently selected as one of the “Future 25” of Rolling Stone, a standard lifestyle journal in the US.

Image courtesy of Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

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