‘Big Little Lies’ star Nicole Kidman broke her ankles, Keith Urban in a limbo

The Big Little Lies star, Nicole Kidman broke her ankles while running around the neighborhood. Husband Keith Urban revealed Nicole is handling the injury better than he was.

The actress’ husband, revealed during an interview on how Nicole got her injury. Urban explained that his wife got the injury while on her usual run around the neighborhood.  Furthermore, the musician revealed that Nicole broke her ankle five weeks ago and is gradually recovering.

Nicole Kidman stepped on a pothole

The reason for Nicole injury was from stepping on a pothole. Urban said,

“About five weeks ago, she was running around the neighborhood as she does and just didn’t see a pothole and rolled her ankle and got a small break in her ankle.”

It appears that Kidman was not able to see the pothole which caused a slight injury. Keith, who is obviously worried at the incident revealed that Nicole was handling the injury better than him.  Nicole is now wearing a boot to correct the injury. Moreover, Urban is impressed with Nicole’s response to the injury. According to Urban,

“She’s been relegated to the boot for the last handful of weeks and is still getting through it. But her spirits have been amazing, I gotta say. She’s been handling it way better than I would’ve.”


People noticed Nicole’s injury during Urban’s drive-in concert

Nicole was seen wearing the moon boot during Urban’s drive-in concert on May 15. A lot of people who saw the actress showed their concerns. Furthermore, netizens who saw the picture circulated on social media accounts were also concerned. A photo was posted on Instagram revealing Nicole wearing the moon boot.

Keith also asserted that Nicole is going through the injury.  The actress is slowly recovering at their home. Having the greatest support to her husband, Nicole posted a photo of herself on Instagram with the caption,

“Keith just had to play! Isolating with live music at last night’s first #UrbanUnderground drive-in gig for the incredible #frontline workers.”

Nicole and Kieth are in lockdown together

The couple is together during the lockdown together with their children, Sunday Rose and Faith. The couple also revealed the hardship of not being able to go back to Australia. The award-winning musician spoke on the hardship of the pandemic,

“Because we want to be able to see our moms, too, and Nic’s sister is there, all of her family, my brother and his family. Everybody’s there so we’re really anxious to get back.”

Last month, Kidman opened up about choosing the projects that would not affect her time with her family. She revealed,

“When Keith’s not touring, it’s much easier. He’ll be on tour next year, and then I just don’t work as much. Literally — it will become imbalanced, and we will change it.”


Image Courtesy Of Tinseltown/Shutterstock

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