Biggest changes in ‘UFC 4’

Unlike other sports games, EA Sports’ UFC releases every two years, so there’s always a huge gap in terms of quality between the games. For UFC 4, the changes over the previous titles are going to be much bigger and noticeable.

UFC 4 is going to be the benchmark for striking and grappling. Aside from the updated visuals, the game is also going to introduce a selection of new mechanics that will make the MMA experience feel more realistic. Speaking to Gamespot, creative director Brian Hayes talks about the major changes in the game.

Biggest changes

Hayes says that when it comes to where the biggest changes lie, they’ve reworked the clinching game in the upcoming title. As per Hayes, it will feel more impactful as they’ve implemented RPM tech or Real Player Motion. This served as the foundation for them to recreate the clinch system from previous games.

The developers have also revamped the grappling system, making it more fluid as compared to previous entries. Making a genuine grappling system that felt rewarding and unique has always been a challenge for the developers.

The striking has also been revamped to make combos and strikes flow more smoothly. Not only does the striking feel more authentic, but it’s also easier to access even for new players. Unlike previous entries, players no longer have to hold a specific button for certain moves.

Other upgrades

There are also a ton of smaller changes in UFC 4. More specifically, Hayes talked about the new levels in striking.

“So for a lot of, of the more sort of hardcore fans like that, being able to see that when you’re, if you’re in career mode, or if you’re a licenced UFC fighter that doesn’t have like high striking ability. The technical prowess with which a fighter throws some strikes will be different based on whether or not it’s a level one or level two strike or level four or level five strike,” he says.

More and more, it seems like the game is going to be the definitive MMA experience that fight fans have been longing for.

UFC 4 launches on July 14 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Aside from these small and minor changes, the game will also include new features such as in-depth career mode and backyard brawl mode. As for guest fighters, champion boxers Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury have been confirmed.

Image used courtesy of EA Sports UFC/YouTube

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