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Biggest takeaways from the PlayStation 5 reveal live stream


The PlayStation 5 reveal stream was watched by over 7 million fans on Twitch last night. They also revealed two dozen new games coming to the console.

Last night, Sony has finally revealed the PlayStation 5 video game console. Jim Ryan, Ceo of Sony Interactive Entertainment, hailed it as “the most striking designed console yet.”

The PlayStation 5’s design is coated with a bright white outer casing that is wrapped around a sleek black core with blue LEDs. However, these are not the only highlights of the stream. Here are some of the biggest PlayStation 5 takeaways fans could have easily missed during the stream.

A lot to choose from

Players who love to play games for hours will love the PlayStation 5. The streaming presentation showcased a lot of new games to choose from. The presentation introduced a ton of new first-person shooting games.

Aside from these old PlayStation exclusives such as the Gran Turismo will be coming back to the next generation console. The event also revealed new additions to Grand Theft Auto 5, a car battle royale game, and a much improved NBA 2K21.

Diversity was also featured on the characters of the upcoming games. In the first few minutes of the presentation, Miles Morales made his debut as the first Afro-Latino Spiderman.

With each minute passing by, fans were entertained with various genders and races. The presentation seems like it had something for every person watching the stream.

Slim curves

While the Xbox Series X looks like a huge rectangular speaker, the PlayStation 5’s design features more curves and is relatively slim.

The price for the PlayStation 5 hasn’t been revealed in the streaming event. However, rumors have been circulating that the Digital Version will be sold at $499(725 AUD) while its full version will be at around $699(1010 AUD).

Both Sony and Microsoft made it clear that the next-gen consoles will have a huge gap with their predecessors. This gap will most likely be reflected in their prices.


Sony outmatched Microsoft after the presentation made last night. Their stream gained a lot in viewership, but the event was more than this.

The update from Sony gave fans tons of games to look forward to while Microsoft just gave a blog post talking about teraflops.

It’s now Microsoft’s turn to impress the gaming community and provide something unforgettable. For PlayStation 5 fans, the stream was everything they hoped for.

Featured image courtesy of NRMgamingHD/Youtube Screenshot

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