Bill Clinton cites ‘only chaos’ in Oval Office, strikes Trump in DNC speech

Bill Clinton cites 'only chaos' in Oval Office, strikes Trump in DNC speech

The 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton, gave his speech on Day 2 of DNC 2020. He cites how the Oval Office only has chaos under Donald Trump’s presidency.

Just like Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton also aimed shots at President Trump during his DNC 2020 speech. He highlighted how the current POTUS handled the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

As someone who served the country for eight years (from 1993 to 2001), Clinton knows the hardship of running for the presidency. He kicked off his speech by telling the viewers that the “presidential election is the world’s most important job interview.”

Clinton educates that the people of their roles, and that is to “hire a leader.” Someone who would “solve problems, create opportunities, and give our kids better tomorrows.”

Bill Clinton: The role of the Oval Office

Such job description was described by Clinton as a “tall order this year,” as he cites the devastation brought by the coronavirus pandemic.

He then went on to evaluate how Trump responded to the outbreak. He says:

“At first he said the virus was under control and would soon disappear. When it didn’t, he was on TV every day bragging on what a great job he was doing, while scientists waited to give us vital information. When he didn’t like the expert advice he was given, he ignored it.”

He further narrated that Trump only encouraged wearing masks when the coronavirus exploded in more states. When the death toll rose, “he shrugged and said, ‘It is what it is.’ “—a reference to which Michelle Obama also used on her speech during DNC 2020 Day 1.

Bill Clinton further cites that the intensity of the pandemic should not have hit the country as much as it had to. He highlights the importance of the Oval Office being a command center in a time such as now. However, this was not the case with Trump leading the office.

Clinton expressed:

“At a time like this, the Oval Office should be a command center. Instead, it’s a storm center. There’s only chaos. Just one thing never changes—his determination to deny responsibility and shift the blame. The buck never stops there.”

Democratic party offers American a “go-to-work president”

Further into Clinton’s speech, he reaches out to the public on choosing between renewing Trump’s contract as POTUS or hiring someone else.

He strikes Trump once again, by saying, “[i]f you want a president who defines the job as spending hours a day watching TV and zapping people on social media, he’s your man.”

To beat COVID-19, Clinton urges the public that there is a need “to go to work and deal with the facts.” This is why the Democratic party is offering another choice of president, “a go-to-work president.”

Clinton describes Joe Biden as:

“A down-to-earth, get-the-job-done guy. A man with a mission: to take responsibility, not shift the blame; concentrate, not distract; unite, not divide.”

He emphasized how Biden and Barack Obama worked to rally “the worst economy since the Great Depression.” Before ending his speech, he compares what Trump will do when re-elected from what Biden would do when elected:

“You know what Donald Trump will do with four more years: blame, bully, and belittle. And you know what Joe Biden will do: build back better.”

Clinton ends his DNC speech by telling the viewers that it is a clear choice and one that the future of the country is riding on.


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