Bill Clinton wasting away, dying of various health problems debunked


Bill Clinton was plagued with outrageous rumors with one tabloid claiming that he was wasting away and dying due to several health problems.

Bill Clinton, the former president, was rumored to be suffering from health conditions. In fact, he was allegedly dying, which was not true at all.

Bill Clinton was allegedly sick and dying

Globe published a report in October describing the former POTUS as a “walking skeleton.” Bill Clinton reportedly only weighed 137 pounds amid his heart problems and Parkinson’s Disease.

The tabloid even quoted Clinton’s former aide Larry Nichols saying, “I believe he is not long for this earth. He’s dying.”

It also quoted an unnamed medical expert who added that he was at risk of a “sudden heart attack” amid the possibility of facing an inquiry over the Jeffery Epstein scandal.

Clinton was allegedly experiencing tremors and memory lapses.  In fact, he could wander away and get completely lost.

“He’s going down — and he’s going down fast, now,” Nichols added.

Clinton’s dying rumors debunked

Gossip Cop debunked the claims about Bill Clinton wasting away and dying. The former U.S. president has been making public appearances and he looks healthy for his age.

Also, while it’s true that he experienced hand tremors, he didn’t have Parkinson’s Disease. Clinton got tested for it back in 2013 and the results only showed that those tremors were benign symptoms of aging.

Furthermore, the claims that he would face an inquiry concerning Jeffrey Epstein’s scandal were outrageous. Clinton was only one of the prominent figures associated with Epstein including Prince Andrew. However, he was never investigated for any crimes linked to the convicted sex offender.

Furthermore, it’s true that Bill Clinton has heart disease. But, in 2010, he underwent emergency surgery to clear a clogged artery, CBS News reported. Also, he has since adopted healthier eating habits and lost weight.

Questionable and unreliable source

The rumor-debunking site also questioned the tabloid’s source. Larry Nichols used to work for Clinton, but he was fired since 1988. However, he has since made a career out of the conspiracy theories about the Clintons.

For instance, he claimed that he served as Clinton’s personal hitman. Due to his outrageous claims, The New York Times dubbed him “Clinton Crazy.”

Also, just recently, Clinton addressed his affair with Monica Lewinsky in Hulu docuseries Hillary. The affair happened over 25 years ago and he admitted their relationship was “out of line.”

Based on the video, the ex-POTUS was not sick or dying.

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