Bill Cosby plans shocking countersuit over alleged wrongful incarceration

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby believes that he was wrongfully incarcerated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court released Bill Cosby from the prison after it found out a lapse in his case. Per the official documents, District Attorney Kevin Steele violated an agreement that prevents him from being charged. 

For what it’s worth, District Attorney Bruce Castor made the deal in 2005. However, it was never put in writing.

This made the 83-year-old disgraced comedian become a free man again. Now, Cosby and his team started to explore a potential lawsuit against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

During an appearance on The Domenick Nati Show, Cosby’s spokesperson Andrew Wyatt served their plans on the table.

“We are looking at all legal angles for those things right now. We are looking at what recourse, what legal recourse we can take against the state of Pennsylvania,” he said.

Meanwhile, Nati asked him whether Cosby has owed money throughout his stay in jail. The representative confirmed it and said that they owed a lot of it. As of the writing, their attorneys, reportedly, began filing the paperwork already.

Bill Cosby had funds?

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf stated in the recent 2021 to 22 budget plan a proposal. This includes paying those who were wrongly convicted $50,000 for each year they stayed inside the prison.

According to the plan, these funds would be given to those who had their convictions overturned. Those who were proven innocent of the crime accused would also receive the funds.

Meanwhile, the new program could also cover those inmates who have been dropped from subsequent charges.

Despite Cosby’s plan to prove the alleged wrongful incarceration, Nati said he believes the comedian is guilty. He added that he heard the claims from over 60 women, proving that Cosby really did the crimes.

But Wyatt called the probe into Cosby an extortion scheme by Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom. But Bloom told Fox News that Wyatt should choose his words carefully.

“We already scored one spectacular win against Bill Cosby in our defamation litigation after another of his reps spoke recklessly,” she said. “Shall we file another?”

Meanwhile, Allred accused the team of trying to deflect people’s attention from the case.

Bill Cosby was released on June 30 and seen leaving the facility in a white car. He was supposed to serve all 10 years but ended up serving over two years only.

Featured image courtesy of The World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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