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Billie Eilish facts: ‘Pirate’ is one of her legal names


Billie Eilish is a synesthete.

Billie Eilish is one of today’s most successful artists. Despite her young age, this did not stop her from dominating the industry.

She arrived in the music scene in 2016. In just four years, she has exponentially grown her audience and has continued to do so in recent years.

With her “edgy” music and appearance, it is not, reportedly, surprising why her fans love her. But, while her fame is quite evident, not everyone knows that “Billie Eilish” is not her real full name.

Her family gave her a unique name

Maggie Baird and Patrick O’Connell are both actors, who appeared in several popular films and television shows. In 2001, they gave birth to their daughter and named her Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell.

The couple wanted to name her “Eilish” after witnessing a documentary about the conjoined Irish twins, Katie and Eilish Holton, according to Cheat Sheet. However, they went with “Billie” as their daughter’s first name following the death of Maggie Baird’s father, whose name is Bill.

The Bad Guy singer’s second middle name is “Pirate,” which has continued to shock many people. As reported, it was her brother Finneas’ idea to give the name to her as he was “dead set” on calling her a pirate.

Billie and Finneas use both of their parents’ surnames. But, they seemingly chose to simplify their unique names when they entered the music space.

Shocking facts about Billie Eilish

Aside from her unusual and unique name, Billie Eilish, also, has a unique personality. Insider previously listed some of the shocking details about the Ocean Eyes artist.

The publication recalled that Eilish’s career started after she uploaded her and her brother’s original piece, Ocean Eyes, to SoundCloud. As it happened, they created the song for the singer’s dance teacher, who, reportedly, asked for a song that she could use to create new routines.

Following the release of their original track, she immediately gained fans and followers, and have since created more music with Finneas. The siblings have continued to accept numerous awards together, including the Album of the Year and Song of the Year awards.

Another set of surprising facts about the When The Party’s Over singer is that she is a synesthete who, also, struggles with Tourette syndrome. Reports said that she has remained open about these things, as well as her challenges when experiencing them. Nevertheless, Billie Eilish previously revealed that opening about her conditions has made her feel more “connected,” especially to her fans.

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