‘Billions’ season 5 returns in 2021, season 6 officially renewed


The financial thriller series, Billions season 5, will air the remaining episodes in 2021. Moreover, Showtime has also renewed the series for its sixth season.

The series primarily arrived on Showtime in 2016, and since then, it garnered millions of viewers. Its creators, Brian Koppelman, David Levien, and Andrew Ross Sorkin has confirmed that fans will see the rest of Billions season 5 next year.

The story follows the life of the ambitious Bobby “Axe” Axelrod aspiring to stay on top as he attempts to make more millions for his company. On the outside, he plays the generous philanthropist. However, he acquires large amounts of profits through illegal trading. Hence, he is in constant conflict with the ruthless US Attorney Chuck Rhoades. As the story progresses, the two rivals each have his own strategy to outdo the other.

“Billions” season 5 returns in 2021

The series initially premiered in May 2020 and ran until June before the production got interrupted by the pandemic. In the first few episodes, the series reveals the resurgence of Chuck and Bobby’s rivalry. Moreover, Chuck is being challenged by the new district attorney Mary Ann Gramm played by Roma Maffia.

On the other hand, Asia Kate Dillon, who plays Taylor Mason, also returns to Axel Capital. She returns to the company to protect its assets and its employees. A significant turn in the plot is the blooming feelings of Bobby for Wendy Rhoades. Fans have speculated that season 5 might allow Bobby and Wendy to develop a relationship together.

“Billions” season 6 officially renewed

The renewal came ahead of the series’ season 5 finale. As reported by Deadline, there are still five more episodes to complete with season 6 to follow. The filming location will remain in New York, as it is the place where season 5 is largely filmed.

On a side note, Billions season 6 will once again take Chuck and Bobby to bigger challenges and higher stakes to put each other down. However, the plot for season 6 remains vague at the moment.

Corey Stoll joins the show as series regular

The House of Cards star, Corey Stoll, will join the rest of the series’ casts. Stoll has joined the series in the first half of season 5 as Mike Prince. Just like Bobby Axelrod, Mike Prince is a business tycoon who threatens the dominance of Bobby in the business world.

With Prince’s focus on tearing down Bobby’s hedge fund empire, it appears that Bobby will have to deal with him too.

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