‘Billions’ Season 6: Will Showtime renew the show after Season 5?

‘Billions’ Season 6: Will Showtime renew the show after Season 5?

Five more episodes before Billions Season 5 comes to an end; fans are now wondering if there will be Billions Season 6. Showtime has been known for being committed to the show’s current season, so its future seems to remain up in the air.

The current season’s scripts may have been written for quite a while now. So, Showtime may be ready to create new stories for Billions Season 6. If this happens, fans will surely celebrate.

The show’s possible renewal

Talking about the show’s ratings, according to Cartermatt, it is quite down compared to previous seasons. However, it may be not right to judge a show like this based on its live numbers alone.

Some viewers may be watching the series early or see it through DVR, and there may be a lot of uncounted numbers. The network looks happy and content with the attention the drama series is receiving.

So, it is maybe safe to assume that there will be Billions Season 6. But, there may be a significant wait before a new season comes out.

Showtime may renew the show and fans only have to wait when will it happen. From here, a lot of mystery may be revealed. A battle between Mike (Corey Stoll) and Bobby (Damian Lewis) may also finally ensue.

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This season’s timely hiatus

Meanwhile, Billions Season 5 is on a hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although it is not good news for fans, it is a blessing in disguise for the series.

With the current anti-racism protests happening across the United States, it may not be a good sight to see a show that is predominantly dominated by very wealthy white characters. They are not just crazy rich but also have the ability to escape punishments for their illegal actions.

Hence, according to Vulture, with the tension surrounding the tragic deaths of Black people in the country, it may be best for it to go on hiatus. The show’s cast and crew also stop posting about the series on social media and using their platforms instead to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

With Todd Krakow’s (Danny Strong) so-called “career-suicide speech,” the remaining Billions Season 5 episodes may not be out this year. It may undergo a complete overhaul. However, it may never happen, given that it has already released seven episodes.

Fans have to wait and see what will happen next in Billions Season 5 and if there will be Billions Season 6.

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