Bindi Irwin regrets not leaving mom Terri before baby’s birth: Rumor

Bindi Irwin regrets not leaving mom Terri before baby's birth: Rumor

Bindi Irwin, allegedly, regrets moving into her own house and leaving her mom before she gave birth to her daughter, Grace.

According to New Idea, Bindi Irwin and her husband, Chandler Powell are having a hard time getting into a routine with Terri and Robert around.

As such, the Dancing With the Stars winner couldn’t help but think that they should’ve gotten their own place before welcoming their firstborn.

Bindi Irwin snaps at Terri Irwin often 

Bindi Irwin snaps at Terri Irwin often

A source claimed that Bindi is trying her best to get along with her mom. However, she can’t help but be snappy at Terri on some occasions.

The insider also claimed that Bindi and her husband have set their sights on a home at Ironbank Station. And they hope Terri would understand when the time comes that they have to break the news to her.

“They’re both finding it impossible to get into a routine because Terri’s forever barging in when they’ve all just settled down for a nap. [Ironbank Station] is the ideal spot and perfect distance from the Zoo and was one of her father’s favorite places,” the source said.

Bindi Irwin plotting move to Ironbank Station

If the move pushes through, Bindi and Powell will just be an hour away from Terri. So, they hope that the 56-year-old new grandma would understand.

“Terri is only an hour or so drive away, but there Bindi can set up her own house, her own way. She loves her mother deeply, but setting up her own foundation is exactly what she needs. Grace’s birth signifies a new chapter for Bindi and Chandler,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

The tabloid has been pitting Bindi and Terri against each other for months. But there is no proof that the mother and daughter are at odds with each other.

In fact, Terri has been a wonderful support for Bindi throughout her pregnancy. And she will be called Grandma Bunny by her granddaughter, Grace.

It is also important to note that the tabloid didn’t have any concrete proof that Bindi and Powell are planning to move. But to make their story convincing, they published a photo of the couple with their luggage in tow.

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