‘Biomutant’ breaks THQ Nordic’s previous record on Steam

Biomutant official trailer snapshot

Amid polarizing reception, THQ Nordic’s Biomutant has broken its developer’s previous record on Steam.

Following years-long development and the hype built around it, Biomutant is undoubtedly one of this year’s most anticipated releases. Critics had been divided at how the game came out eventually. But, still, fans were eager about getting the game at launch.

Remarkable Sales

Not counting physical copies, the notion is made apparent through sales. And this gets reflected based on the number of players that were experiencing the game via Steam merely hours post-release. As per SteamDB, the title got a total of 55,000 players in the platform on launch date.

The number is not particularly groundbreaking in the grand scheme of things. But considering THQ Nordic’s performance record, that is already a feat in and of itself. Despite the developer’s prolific career, there has not been a game in its portfolio that matches its latest brainchild’s record. In retrospect, it was in October 2017 when Piranha Byte, the company’s developing studio, set a record of 23,000 players with Elex. The very same that Experiment 101’s successful project has just broken.

Good and Bad

As for how the game fares itself, it unfortunately is not all roses. With at least over 3000 reviews, only 58 percent were pleased, leaving the rest for players who didn’t enjoy it. The issues seemingly boiling down to the game’s rather formulaic approach to gameplay and large, but mostly empty, map. Apparently, these are aspects of the game’s design that did not sit too well among high-expecting crowds. The game has gotten much hate from some, in fact, that instances of refund were known as a result.

Contrarily, not everyone agrees with all the bad raps that the game is getting. Inevitably, leaving a lingering notion that some of the naysayers are merely nitpickers who expect something perfect from the game. That idea is debatable, but is also worth considering, if anyone is to get the overall picture.

Short and Long

Duration-wise, the game can be completed from start to finish, without doing side-quests, for around 10 to 15 hours. However, the developer is claiming that that number can be extended to 65 hours if players are going comprehensive about it. That is, doing all the available side-quests before actually finishing the game.

Biomutant is available across multiple platforms, PC (Steam), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. While the game is playable on current-gen platforms as a backward-compatible title, THQ Nordic promises a “native” launch for the game “very soon”.

Image used courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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