‘Biomutant’ finds slight redemption with timely and meaningful latest update

Biomutant official gallery image

Biomutant’s most recent update is getting lauded among fans, raising hopes for the potential overturn of its shaky launch.

Biomutant saw a 2021 release with a mixed reception. Some critics reviewed the game for its sparsely populated environment, repetitive gameplay, low-level cap, and lacking feature. The latter particularly speaking to the game’s missing option to configure the visual-altering FOV slide, among the others. But the less scrutinizing find solace in its high-quality visual presentation and okay combat.

The game may have failed to make a good long-lasting impression to the harshest pundits. However, avid fans seem to be loving the game even more with its recent patch.

The Latest Patch

Update 1.5.0 released to players several days ago, which primarily comes in response to community feedback. The update itself is not particularly massive by file size standards at no more than 70 Mb. But, with it comes a laundry list of changes for some wanted changes to the game.

There’s an overabundance of alterations that took place, despite the update’s seemingly tiny capacity. One of the most notable changes of which is the ability to tinker on the game’s FOV on PC. This was particularly an issue among players who use large screens and were stuck at its mostly horizontal orientation.

Another major change is how the developers extended the level cap from 50 to 100. The modification came following complaints at how the previous max level is achieved throughout the game’s campaign. At a level 100 cap, players can now spend more time in the game through grinding of EXP.

Fans who raised complaints at how little diversity Biomutant’s items were also heard. In lieu of reducing the duplication of items in-game, the developers added diversity into the mix. Interesting to note of which are items that have significantly better stat-boosting element than the original ones.

Quality of Life Improvements

Making for an additional quality-of-life improvement to the game is also the “scrap” mechanics. True to its name, it allows players to clean out their inventory by throwing away excess elements in it.

Elsewhere, the game got plenty of other changes that serve as further refinements. From stability fixes to other technical amelioration that appear in the actual game, it sees major treatment across the board.

Many in the gaming community are lauding Experiment 101’s swift response to the issue. Much to allude the scenario as somewhat akin to No Man’s Sky, which itself only found subsequent redemption after some changes.

Image used courtesy of Biomutant

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