‘Biomutant’ Mercenary class: An essential guide for beginners, plus tips

Biomutant Mercenary class snapshot

Playing Biomutant exposes players to options that diversify the way they could experience the game. One of the most interesting aspects of these selections is the classes, which pre-determines how the player’s avatar will play.

By default, there are only five classes to choose from. But those who pre-ordered the game gets an extra, temporarily exclusive, class to choose from—the mercenary class.

How to get it?

Only players who got their copy of Biomutant through preorders will have access to the mercenary class for now. That is, until such a time when the developers subsequently release it as a paid DLC.

Getting the additional class can be a manual process and would differ significantly depending on the platform. For general Xbox users, it’s as simple as heading to the Microsoft Store towards the DLC tab within the Add-ons menu. For PS5 users, this will entail a manual install of the DLC via Manage Game Content option while the system is closed.

While getting the extra class is easy on the aforementioned platforms, it’s not necessarily the case with the PS4. Reportedly a glitchy experience, users are forced to use the PlayStation App to get the DLC manually.

Why the mercenary class?

Players who are seeking to get the best in some of the classes will find the mercenary class particularly interesting. Borrowing perks from the likes of the Saboteur, Commando, Psi-Freak, and Sentinel, the Mercenary is well-rounded for its melee. Those who prefer to go “all-Musashi” or dual-wield swords in their play style will find it particularly appealing. “Musashi” being in reference to the legendary Japanese swordsman, known for wielding katanas in both hands.

Things to consider

When starting out your character, choose the Dumdon Breed. Doing so will give you the physical advantage of inflicting more physical damage as well as the vitality to endure hits.

The mercenary class alone is a melee powerhouse, thanks to the Twin Silver Grip perk, allowing the use of two blades. In addition, the Fury perk gives it further physical leverage by being able to inflict 10 percent damage against enemies.

But while formidable in terms of physical attacks, it can also be especially fragile. The key to its effective use in combat thereby lies in both offensive and defensive play. Meaning, players would want to go all-out offensive melee-wise when there’s opportunity but choose to go frantically evasive otherwise.

To boost on the defensive aspect, you would want to invest in Biogenetics, Blink and Mucus Bubble. For controlling larger-than-usual crowds, you would want Psi-Powers, Freeze and Telekinesis.

Image used courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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