‘Biomutant’s upcoming update will center around community-given feedbacks

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An up-and-coming update for Biomutant will focus on issues that the community raised following the game’s release.

Biomutant finally sees its launch last May 25, 2021, four years after the game’s initial reveal. Made by a small team of 25 at Experiment 101, the Swedish studio managed to deliver a product to mixed reception. The issue mostly boiling down to gameplay designs that left people split between two camps.

Players who were generally okay with the game appreciated it with what it offers. But naysayers, particularly nitpickers, were expecting a lot more, given also by the hype built during the game’s development.

Glitches and Missing Features

Hardly a perfect game at launch, the action-RPG title is also known for bugs and shortcomings. Much that a community of players are bringing the technical issues to developer’s attention. But this is to be expected as games releasing in the modern context are hardly faultless anymore, not like they used to be. Partly, this is due to the incorporation of online connectivity in today’s gaming consoles, including especially the PC.

Upcoming Update

Not falling on deaf ears, Experiment 101 seems eager to please and is making it a priority to address those issues. In a tweet, the small studio announced how an update is already in the works, which should arrive to players’ soon. Specifically, the update will revolve around multiple issues, like dialog pacing, narrator settings, difficulty configurations, video and sound options, and combat.

However, not all supported platforms will get the update simultaneously, as PC will precede the console with the update rollout. This should probably be a good thing for console gamers, all things considered, as update can also impose negatively drastic changes.

Nagging PlayStation Concern

Making adjustments to make the game appealing on multiple platforms, in general, is nice. But it seems that the game has more underlying technical problems on the PlayStation 4. Word goes around that THQ Nordic’s latest title is suffering from poor in-game performance on Sony’s last-gen console. That is, significantly worse when in comparison to the performance found in the Xbox One.

The issue with Biomutant not running at par with other platforms seems to permeate on the PlayStation 5, too. Another performance comparison demonstrated that the game runs rather poorly on the PS5 relative to the Xbox Series X|S.

It’s still yet unclear whether the game studio behind the game has awareness over the aforementioned issues. But it should be expected that the technical hiccup could probably be resolved soon in any of Biomutant’s future update.

Image used courtesy of Biomutant

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