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BioWare reveals ‘Dragon Age 4’ in pushing next-gen technology


After almost two years of waiting, we finally get updates on BioWare’s upcoming Dragon Age 4. However, are the glimpses enough to keep the gamers hyped?

Gamescom 2020 just came out recently, and we’ve seen a lot of games to look forward to. One of those games is the much-awaited Dragon Age 4.

After receiving the game of the year last 2014 for Dragon Age: Inquisition, we can see that the developers have been working hard into turning this game into a next-gen masterpiece.

The game was featured briefly during EA Play last June, and a couple of YouTubers such as Jackdaw did some in-depth analysis on the first few seconds of the footage.

A peek in their production has given us promising features

The trailer shows BioWare GM Casey Hudson giving us a first look at what they have been doing to put Dragon Age to life.

Based on the trailer, it looks like the developers have stepped up in creating another potential masterpiece. Matthew Goldman, the game’s creative director, could not contain his excitement for the future of Dragon Age as he mentions the original lore that this game has to offer.

In addition, the writers have focused on an immersive and engaging storyline in which you could get attached to the characters. They mentioned scenarios like what happens if you don’t have powers or a member of your party lives or dies, similar to the vibe of Baldur’s Gate or even Fire Emblem.

Let’s hope that fans won’t expect another flop just like what BioWare did to Anthem. Will they be able to redeem themselves once Dragon Age releases in the months to come?

Featured image courtesy of BioWare/YouTube Screenshot

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