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‘Bird Box 2’ may soon return to Netflix, plot details revealed


Bird Box 2 is currently in development and may soon return to Netflix. Moreover, the sequel is reportedly based on the second novel of author Josh Malerman.

The horror-thriller Bird Box, which was initially released in 2018, took Netflix by storm, garnering millions of viewers. It is dubbed as one of the most-watched movies and an acclaimed horror film.  After two years of being silent, Bird Box 2 is finally happening.

The first movie followed the story of Malorie Hayes, played by Sandra Bullock, and her two children trying to get away from the terrifying creatures. These creatures can make a person kill themselves when looking straight at them. As a result, everyone must wear a blindfold to avoid seeing the monster.

With its success, fans have created their renditions of the movie, known as the Bird Box challenge. This became an internet sensation for months, where people get blindfolded while mimicking the movie.

“Bird Box 2” awaits renewal from Netflix

Although the movie was highly esteemed, the streaming platform has yet to give it the greenlight. However, author Malerman surprised the fans as he divulged the sequel’s current status. In an interview with Inverse, Malerman did not provide the specifics, but that the sequel is in the right direction. He said:

“I can’t say much, but I can say that it is in development. Sometimes it’s weird, all this secrecy, but I’m game.”

Judging from Malerman’s tone, Bird Box 2 might already be in the early stage of production. Still, Malerman remained tight-lipped about the details of the sequel.

“Bird Box 2” plot details

Malerman recently released his novel, Malorie, and fans are now speculating that the sequel will use the novel as the source material. Supposing that the sequel will follow the novel, it will reveal Malorie and the kids arrive at the haven. However, as the creatures try to enter the haven, Malorie, once again, flees to another sanctuary.

The interesting twist in the second movie is the ability of the creatures to infect someone by touch. This becomes harder for the survivors to live in the apocalyptic world. Twelve years after, Malorie and her now teenage kids are residing in an abandoned Jewish camp.  When Malorie learns about another survivor community, they set on another journey.

Will Sandra Bullock reprises her role

The award-winning actress, Sandra Bullock, has not yet announced her reappearance in the movie. Although many fans are expecting her return.

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