BITCOIN BIRTHDAY: Will Satoshi’s secret be exposed?

Bitcoin Birthday

As the cryptocurrency world celebrates Bitcoin’s 10th birthday, a scheme will be underway to expose the digital currency’s most intriguing secret.

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

The person – or persons – who released the Bitcoin whitepaper on October 31, 2008, has managed to remain anonymous for a decade, but a team is assembling to finally crack the case.

The #Findsatoshi group has launched a fundraising campaign on Russian crowd funding site Boomstarter and plans to hire detectives on three continents to solve the Satoshi mystery.

“It’s about time we found Satoshi Nakamoto,” the group has announced.

“And it is not just a trite curiosity … we need to know who created crypto and why.

“Was it really an enthusiast who gave the world an independent currency?

“Or was it a group of people pursuing scientific or purely selfish purposes?

“Can Bitcoin be a state invention, created with the purpose to control all transactions?”

Bitcoin Birthday
The Satoshi mystery has baffled the world for a decade.

The international group of crypto-enthusiasts says it is initiating a global search for the creator because it needs to be sure that the cryptocurrency is not a global fraud.

“We, the fans of cryptocurrencies … should know who has more than one million coins in their wallet,” the group said.

“(He/she) could overthrow the market overnight, almost destroying it … There’s just too much risk for a new economic paradigm.”

The group says it intends “to order the search for Satoshi Nakamoto from independent detective agencies in the US, Japan, and also in Europe.”

So far it appears AU$268,000 has been raised, which is 83% of its goal.

At the time of publication 2,684 people had contributed to the project.

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