Bitcoin miners have their eyes set on nuclear energy for sustainable operation

As pressure rises to become green, many Bitcoin (BTC) mining business companies have their eyes glued to nuclear energy.

GRIID vice president Harry Sudok disclosed during the ‘Bitcoin & Beyond Virtual Summit’ on Wednesday that nuclear energy could deliver a “tremendous opportunity” to deliver “enormous volumes of pure, carbon-free” power to the baseload.

GRIID is an American startup that develops vertically integrated Bitcoin mining operations using low-cost, renewable energy.

Solar to nuclear energy

Sudock said that previous renewable energy subsidy programs and talks have generally focused on wind and solar power, ditching the potential advantages of nuclear energy.

“At the moment, the rate of increase is mainly focused on solar and wind, which is the reality of the programs that have been enacted over the last decade,” he explained.

Samson Mow, Blockstream chief strategy officer was a panelist to discuss the issues of crypto mining and energy consumption.

According to Mow, ‘FUD’ plays a dominant role in discussions about Bitcoin mining, which may lead to misunderstandings not just about Bitcoin mining, but also about energy generation.

These misconceptions are creating headlines that Bitcoin is going to destroy the oceans, he said.

Nuclear energy is the key

The bigger issue, according to Mow, is frequently neglected since Bitcoin mining accounts for such a tiny subset of the world’s energy demand — like a tiny portion.

“If we’re dirty, everything should be filthy, right?” he added.

Mow is also an advocate of using nuclear energy to mine Bitcoin and other cryptos.

He said that the problem is, as a society, “we’ve devolved to the point where we’ve shunned nuclear energy in favor of alternatives like wind and solar, which are more expensive, more difficult to create, and don’t always work.”


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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