Bitcoin pizza – just the start of Slovenia’s crypto love affair

On Saturday morning the Slovenian Consulate of South Australia posted a photo of a gigantic Bitcoin pizza on their facebook page.

The Bitcoin pizza made mouths water and raised a few eyebrows… Just what are those Slovenians up to? 

Bitcoin PIzza
(Twitter: Bitcoin Association Slovenia)

Turns out the photo was actually taken at a ‘Bitcoin Pizza Party’ held by the Slovenian  Bitcoin Association and shared by the South Australian Consulate.

Why not share such a tasty looking masterpiece? 

Bitcoin Pizza)
(Facebook: Bitcoin Association Slovenia)

According to the facebook event page, 193 people attended the Slovenian Bitcoin Association’s Bitcoin pizza party.

Including these ladies.

Bitcoin Pizza
(Twitter: Bitcoin Association Slovenia)

The party was held to mark the eight year anniversary of the first Bitcoin transaction, in which a Florida man paid 10,000 Bitcoin for two pizzas. 

A pizza order that would now be worth more than AU$100 million!

It’s not the first crypto-related post by officials at the Slovenian Consulate. 

In June they shared a story about the transformation of Slovenia’s largest shopping centre into a ‘Bitcoin City’.

And they loved the news about a Slovenian bank dispensing Bitcoin vouchers through its ATMs. 

It’s clear Slovenian’s love their crypto.

Only around 2 million people live in Slovenia, but its the birthplace of some of the most successful blockchain companies in the world. 

The world’s largest crypto mining marketplace, Nicehash, is proudly Slovenian.  

Heard of Bitstamp? It was founded by Slovenians (and was a big supporter of the Slovenian Bitcoin Association’s pizza party)

Oh… And there’s this Bitcoin moment in the Slovenian city of Kranj.

Unveiled in March, 2018, it’s the first public monument to Bitcoin, weighing three tonnes and with a diameter of about seven meters!

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