Australian primary school teaches Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin school
Students from Woonara Park Primary with developers of Crypto Crisis. (Picture: Armoured Beans)

An Australian primary school has developed a Bitcoin lab where students can learn about Bitcoin mining by playing a Bitcoin game.

Welcome to the future…!

The idea was the brainchild of technology teacher Kieran Nolan, who decided his students at Woorana Park Primary in Melbourne’s south-east should learn about digital currencies and blockchain.

Step inside the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency lab and you’ll find the Bitcoin whitepaper on the wall and a mining rig to demonstrate how Bitcoin mining works.

“This space has enabled students to learn about all aspects of cryptocurrencies, from building full nodes, to multisig transactions, to exploring the blockchain in virtual reality, to hardware wallets – and storing public and private keys,” Mr Nolan said.

Bitcoin School
School teacher Kieran Nolan with a student at Wooranna Park Primary School. (Source: Kieran Nolan on Medium)

The school has also used Bitcoin to purchase 3D printers and has even created its own token called Woorannacoin!

Bitcoin Mining Game

Most recently, the school has begun educating students about the world of Bitcoin mining by playing a Bitcoin game called ‘Crypto Crisis.’

Developed by Sydney-based gaming company Armoured Beans, ‘Crypto Crisis’ was first discovered by Mr Nolan after it was featured in a story by Micky News.

“After our initial article about Crypto Crisis went out on, we were contacted by Kieran Nolan,” said Armoured Beans co-founder Jeremy Sik.

“We ended up collaborating with the students to create an ‘Education Edition’ of the game, which is now being distributed to their companion schools in Sydney and New Zealand.

“It’s been a great and wholesome experience for all of us, so thanks to!”

Bitcoin School
Students at Wooranna Park Primary School. (Picture: Kieran Nolan on Medium)

Mr Nolan says that until now, the students had only learned about Bitcoin mining in theory, not in practice.

“Crypto Crisis — Education Edition is going to change that by giving students the ability to learn about the technology first hand in a fun environment, and a narrative they have created!” Mr Nolan said.

“The original concept for the education edition was to re-create a situation where the school was in crisis and needed to raise funds to “save the school” by time travelling back to the Genesis Block to mine BTC .

“However, students … decided that was “too negative” and wanted a positive approach to the game, (so) instead Crypto-Crisis will focus on building the ‘ultimate school of the future’ and the students will time travel back to the Genesis Block to fund their dream school!”

Mr Nolan believes the game will educate his students about the history of Bitcoin, the mechanics of the Bitcoin network and how to manage the energy consumption of mining rigs.

Bitcoin education has begun. M


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