Bitcoin SV and Chainlink surge, has crypto altseason arrived?

Bitcoin SV and Chainlink surge, has crypto altseason arrived?

Crypto asset markets are back in the green today and altcoins are leading the pack. Two, in particular, have made double-digit gains over the past 24 hours, which may indicate more bullishness for altcoins as markets recover.

Since this time yesterday, around US$5 billion [AU$8 billion] has reentered crypto markets, taking total capitalization back to US$210 billion [AU$338] once again.

Since the beginning of April, markets have gained around 17% according to, and altcoins appear to be leading the charge as Bitcoin continues to consolidate.

Today’s two top performers are Bitcoin SV and Chainlink. BSV has made an impressive 12% in 24 hours, which has lifted its market cap above $4 billion as it accelerates away from Litecoin.

A halving in less than a day appears to be driving momentum for this Bitcoin offshoot, as its price tops $220 for the first time in over a month.

Bitcoin Cash, which has already been through the halving event, has only gained a couple of percent as it was widely regarded as non-performer due to week on-chain metrics.

Chainlink is also skyrocketing at the moment, with LINK notching up 15% on the day as it flips LEO and Stellar to take the 11th spot, with a market cap of $1.1 billion.

Green is the dominant color today, but most altcoins are only gaining a couple of percent.

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