BITCOIN SV: Craig Wright’s sister makes bold prediction

Bitcoin SV
Lisa Edwards (left) and her brother Craig Wright (right).

The actress sister of Bitcoin SV creator Craig Wright claims the future is bright for his controversial digital currency.

Lisa Edwards, who’s appeared in classic Australian TV shows Neighbours and Kath and Kim, says the “chart shows potential for another 145% increase” in the Bitcoin SV price.

“Let’s just say there is more good news on the way,” she said.

Bitcoin SV has already more than doubled, after Wright filed a copyright claim for the Satoshi whitepaper and Bitcoin code. The Australian computer scientist has long claimed to be the mysterious creator of Bitcoin, but is yet to show any hard proof.

Edwards, who is a cryptocurrency trader and clearly a big supporter of her brother, promotes the “Satoshi’s Sisters” paid crypto group on her Twitter page.

A one-month membership will set you back US$33, while a membership until the end of this year costs US$250.

It’s unclear whether Edwards shares information from her brother with the group.

Lisa’s crypto fortune

Lisa Edwards, a Melbourne-based celebrity, was introduced to cryptocurrency by her brother and started trading in 2013.

“They weren’t huge trades obviously back then because Bitcoin wasn’t worth a lot of money, it wasn’t in the thousands like it is now,” she said in an interview with crypto trader and educator Craig Cobb.

“I’m very comfortable because of crypto, I won’t deny that.

“I have a long term account where I’ve got a whole heap of coins and tokens that I truly believe in and I just hold those and then I’ve got a trading account.

“I’ve actually got several trading accounts on several different exchanges and those I’m jumping in and out, in and out all the time.”

Copyright controversy

Intellectual property expert Alex Mejias has poured scorn on Dr Wright’s copyright claim over Bitcoin.

Speaking to CryptoWendy in a live interview this week, the Virginia based attorney said he believed the filing could be a “precursor to some type of legal action”.

“One of the rights you receive when you have a copyright is the right to create what’s called a derivative work and I think you can make a good argument that a fork is a derivative work,” he said.

“I don’t know how that works but yeah it’s possible he may go after one of the forks.”

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