BITCOIN SV: Craig Wright’s sister nails bold prediction amidst ‘fake news’ pump

Lisa Edwards

‘Satoshi’s sister’ made a bold prediction about the Bitcoin SV price eight days ago. After a massive pump overnight it shows every sign of coming true.

On May 22, crypto trader Lisa Edwards predicted Bitcoin SV had the potential to increase a further 145%, over and above the 130% it spiked in the wake of news her brother Craig Wright had registered the copyright for the original Bitcoin white paper and code.

Her prediction shows every sign of coming true after the price almost doubled from $114 to $233 overnight.

More than $1.7 billion worth of Bitcoin SV was traded in 24 hours and it moved up to the eight largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

“Second chances don’t come around often, what if you had the chance to buy the REAL Bitcoin for $50 and you missed out,” she told Micky. “But … there’s still time.”

Bitcoin SV
Lisa Edwards (left) and her brother Craig Wright (right).

Bitcoin SV price pump coincides with Wright’s CoinGeek appearance

The Bitcoin SV price pumped just before Wright’s first public appearance since the copyright news broke at the CoinGeek conference in Toronto.

The live streamed conference promoted a “fireside chat with the creator of Bitcoin himself, Dr Craig Wright, talking about his early days as alias Satoshi Nakamoto.”

Wright’s controversial claim

Wright’s claim to be Satoshi is controversial and highly contested as he’s yet to provide conclusive proof.

Wright has also been criticized for using his wealth to engage in ‘lawfare’ against critics of his claim.

He’s currently suing numerous people, including podcaster Dr Peter McCormack for 100,000 pounds, which McCormack claims could cost him up to 750,000 pounds to defend in court.

Pump coincides with fake news by Chinese scammers

The pump also coincided with fake news published in China “confirming” that Wright’s claims to be Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto are true.

A fake “news alert” which purported to be from Chinese news site Coinbull reported that Wright had transferred Bitcoin from the “Satoshi wallets” to prove his identity.

The alert read: “CSW transferred 50k BTC from the biggest BTC wallet to Binance, which confirmed he is the real Satoshi. As such CZ will re-list BSV and make an official apology on Twitter.”

Fake news alerts are easily pulled off in China as crypto media outlets there circulate breaking news via pictures in WeChat rather than as news links. So they are easily photoshopped.

Bitcoin SV
The fake news alert from Coinbull

Coinbull made an official announcement alerting users to the fake news.

“Recently, we have received feedback from users that certain people had maliciously sent out photoshopped Coinbull news alert to spread rumors about Binance and CSW which had bad consequences. We remind our users again not to trust any rumors and not to spread any rumors. Thank you for your support.”

Edwards is excited by Bitcoin SV’s potential

Edwards is a respected Australian actress who has appeared in popular series including Neighbours and Kath and Kim.

She was introduced to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading by her brother and now runs the ‘Satoshi’s Sisters’ paid crypto trading signals group.

Edwards said she was excited about the potential of Bitcoin SV and said she admired her brother’s fortitude.

“I’m so excited about the tech and potential BSV is bringing to crypto. My brother has worked tirelessly to create and develop (it) and with all the noise surrounding him I really think it is inspiring to see him never give up.

“I have a motto: ‘you never fail until you give up’ – I think he has the same.”


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