Bitcoin White Paper access in the UK blocked by a developer

Access to a Bitcoin white paper as well as downloading of the Bitcoin Core software has been blocked for UK users on by an anonymous developer.

The website is an informational page that is dedicated to helping educate its visitors about bitcoin and facilitate a greater understanding of the digital asset.

The blockage appears to be a legitimate move, as the restriction was ordered by London’s High Court which favored self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Craig Wright in the White Paper Case hearing earlier this week.

The White Paper

The Bitcoin White Paper is essentially a technical manifesto that outlines the fundamentals for the first functional cryptocurrency powered by blockchain, a groundbreaking distributed ledger technology.

The manifest also breaks down the fundamentals of a cryptographically secured, peer-to-peer electronic payment system.

The developer, going by the name “Cobra,” was forbidden by London’s High Court to distribute the document in any way or form. As a response, the developer decided to shut down the Bitcoin software downloading functionality as well.

Following orders

In the face of negative reactions and comments from the crypto community in the United Kingdom, the developer offered an explanation for his actions.

“The white paper is in the blockchain and can be retrieved through the software. I’m not allowed to distribute the white paper on, or in any other way. We have to follow the law,” explained the pseudonymous developer on Twitter.

He further added that disobeying the order will result in the entire website getting blocked in the United Kingdom as well as possible imprisonment of up to two years for people associated with the company behind if and when they visit the country.


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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