Bittrex Global lists first adaptive digital currency NDAU

NDAU, recognized as the world’s first adaptive digital currency, has now been listed by one of the top crypto exchanges, Bittrex Global.

According to Bitcoinist, a press release from the company stated that “NDAU represents a new category of digital asset that is optimized for long-term store of value and provides staking income.”

Based on CoinMarketCap figures, the 5.8 million NDAU tokens that are circulating have an aggregated value of almost $140 million. One of the reasons behind the bullish run of the digital currency is the fact that institutional players are now jumping into the blockchain and cryptocurrency space and are aiming for long-term store of value options.

A great season for NDAU

NDAU development team Oneiro Director Robert Frasca was beaming with excitement when he shared what they have accomplished so far.

In a statement, the director said, “It’s been a great season for NDAU, and we’re excited to top it off with a listing on Bittrex.”

He is also confident that the traders of Bittrex will be in for a treat with this partnership. He said they are certain the traders on the exchange “will see what we have built not only as an alternative store of value but as a great opportunity for staking rewards.”

Bittrex and NDAU

According to its official website, the cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex Global has around $600 million daily trading volume. It also features dependable digital wallets and industry-leading security.

Meanwhile, NDAU positions itself as a digital asset for long-term holders. It has an in-wallet staking program that features Economic Alignment Incentive (EAI). Users can lock the digital currency and get up to 15% yearly rewards.

The NDAU is built on Terdermint protocol and is a DeFi solution on the Cosmos Network. It has its fair share of attracting big investments, such as Investview’s recent decision to add $1 million of NDAU to its portfolio.


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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