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‘Black Adam’ casting: Dwayne Johnson facing off with Henry Cavill as Superman


The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) plans a 2021 release for Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam. The star of the superhero movie is apparently insisting that Henry Cavill also boards the project as Superman.

Since the studio’s confirmation of a Black Adam production, Johnson has apparently been setting his sights on squaring off with Cavill on screen. The box office star reportedly wants a showdown with his character and Superman since they are the two the most powerful comic book figures.

According to We Got This Covered, Cavill’s appearance as Superman won’t likely happen in the first film. However, Johnson reportedly wants to lay the groundwork for the potential confrontation as early as the inaugural movie.

Who is Black Adam?

The character of Black Adam is both a hero and a villain in the DC comic book mythology. Before the emergence of Shazam/Billy Batson, there was Mighty Adam, a powerful wielder of magic, who became corrupted by his desires and aspirations.

Exiled in his world, Mighty Adam became Black Adam, who used his powers to transport to the modern-day on Earth. There, the supervillain became the enemy of superheroes and clashed with Shazam, as well as Superman. Only the right person could convince him to use his powers for the greater good.

DC teased the upcoming film with the release of the first Black Adam clips during the DC FanDome event. The upcoming movie will more than likely feature a confrontation with Zachary Levi’s Shazam.

Johnson vs Cavill confrontation

Producer Hiram Garcia talked about Superman’s inclusion in a 2019 interview with Comicbook. He did not shut down the idea at all.

“I think the DC Universe is a wonderful universe and we’re open to everything.We have big aspirations for it. We’re friends with Henry. [Dwayne] and Henry are friends, it’s a huge comic book brand as well,” Garcia said. “And I always just loved the idea. Who knows? But man, Black Adam for Superman is really cool. That’d be really powerful.”

Incidentally, it will not be hard to convince Cavill to join since his manager, Dany Garcia is Johnson’s ex-wife. Johnson still maintains a cordial professional relationship with Garcia.

Meanwhile, the Superman actor also thinks this is where his character is headed next to the DCEU. But a lot of things have happened in this franchise before Warner Bros gave Black Adam the greenlight. Rumors were that Cavill was on his way out as Superman but the studio has been mum about these talks for the last couple of years.

Image used courtesy of DC/YouTube

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