‘Black Clover’ alerts fans for a doozy Episode 151: Spoilers

As Black Clover is heading towards another original anime arc considering the Clover Kingdom’s preparation in fighting against the Spade Kingdom, the next episode of the series alerts fans that it would be huge!

The upcoming Episode 151 of Black Clover will surely be a doze of excitement to fans. This is although the next episode will not be adapting the Spade Kingdom battles from the manga just yet.

However, it seems that the highly-anticipated episode of the series will be kicking off the training arc in proper. This part is skipped initially over by Yuki Tabata’s original manga version of the events.

The start of the full training

The anime’s coming episode will now begin training its various knights in full after an original arc fleshing out how the Clover Kingdom people felt about the battle against the Midnight Sun’s Eye.

All these will begin in Episode 151 of the series, which sees an all-out against one another of the various Magic Knight Captains in an actual test of their current skills.

What’s more exciting in the new episode

One big reason why fans are so hooked on Episode 151, in particular, is because of the animators behind it. The impressive director Isuta Meister is one of the animators who will be helming the next episode. He has overseen some of the anime’s coolest moments so far.

Also, talents such as @reurangel_ will attach his impressive works on the episode. He was seen sharing a preview of their contributions to the next episode. Finally, this episode will feature battles that we have not seen in Yuki Tabata’s original. This is although the anime has yet to reach the manga’s material just yet.

It will also share the first action-heavy episode in quite a while. With this, the fans’ wait is going to be worthwhile. Are you excited for Episode 151?

Image courtesy of Anime Engsub/YouTube Screenshot

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