‘Black Clover’: Asta develops familial connection with his devil

As Asta prepares for a significant battle against the Spade Kingdom’s Dark Triad, he develops a strong bond and familial relationship with his devil.

The new chapter of Black Clover‘s latest chapter reveals Asta’s unique connection and the devil in his grimoire. In an attempt to make his devil abilities stronger, Asta is going through the Devil-Binding Ritual.

However, instead of his devil’s complete submission to him after the ritual, Asta made a special connection. He then understood his devil, and he formed an equal contract between the two of them.

Asta’s newfound family

It was revealed during the Devil-Binding Ritual that Asta’s devil was named Liebe. And by not having any magic of his own, the devil was found out previously thrown out of the underworld.

Furthermore, another surprising reveal is that Asta’s mother is the one who adopted Liebe and gave his name. Now, Asta and Liebe are genuinely acting like family as they are already working as equals.

The training continues

The series’s Chapter 272 reveals the continuation of Asta and Liebe’s training under Nacht. With their new contract, the two of them are struggling with drawing out the power of Liebe.

Moreover, Yuki Tabata, the series’s creator, also throws several fun nods to their surprising familial bond.

This is by showing just how alike the two of them are through their physicality. In a very similar way, they react to their tired selves.

The real connection between the two comes toward the end of the chapter when they live on the line. The two dig deep and declare that they are not going to let the other one die when it seems like Nacht is going to kill both of them.

Meanwhile, the end of the chapter sees the two’s bond go even further and seemingly unlocking their full Devil Union mode.

What are your thoughts about the new bond between Asta and Liebe?


Image courtesy of Plot Armor/YouTube Screenshot

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