‘Black Clover’ chapter 251 release date and spoilers: Another fight coming?

'Black Clover' chapter 251 release date and spoilers: Another fight coming?

Black Clover chapter 251 is coming this weekend. Fans who have been waiting for it should definitely check out the details.

According to sources, Black Clover chapter 251 is scheduled to be released on Sunday, May 24.

Fortunately, the schedule of the series is still on track. Other titles like One Piece had to go on hiatus or adjust their release dates due to the pandemic.

But for Black Clover, the story continues and spoilers reveal that there’s going to be a lot of exciting things coming in the next chapter.

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Chapter 250 recap

Before delving into the spoilers, here’s a recap of what happened in the previous chapter. Charmy is a star in this chapter after showing off her overwhelming powers.

She came face to face with Dark Triad Lackey Halbet, a beautiful woman with long and straight hair.

Halbet planned to kill the people at the Polnfrume forest. At first, Lord Potrof tried to fight against her to protect the citizens. But he failed in his mission.

Charmy stepped in with bravery as she remembers the kindness that the people has shown to her. She was determined to fight for the safety of the people.

With Halbet being beautiful, she was easily disgusted with Charmy’s fat figure. They attacked each other but because of affinity, the magic only passed through each other.

Halbet’s Hair Magic was undeniably stronger though. Charmy’s cotton magic was no match and it failed to protect her. But despite that, she remained unshaken.

In the end, she was able to defend herself against the Hair Magic and even lost all the fat in her body in the process.

She used Food Magic: Glutton’s Banquet leaving Halbet powerless of the new attack. She was finally defeated.

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Chapter 251 spoilers

According to spoilers, the upcoming chapter is most likely going to shift its focus away from Charmy. Fans may not see her for a while but at least now she has shown her true and powerful capabilities.

So, whom will the chapter focus on? There’s a possibility that it’s going to look at Magna. As a fan-favorite character, many are interested in knowing more about his fate.

It’s believed that Magna is different from Luck, Leo, and Charmy who all have a lot of mana that allowed them to learn array magic.

Chapter 251 may also introduce another fight against the enemies. It’s said that a fight between Vanica versus Noelle, Lolopechka, and Mimosa will start.

It is still to be known though what magic Vanica will use. Lolopechka and Noelle are expected to continue using the water magic while Mimosa will stick to plant magic.

For more updates on Black Clover chapter 251, check out VIZ’s official website.

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