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‘Black Clover’ chapter 254 going on a quick break; release date announced


Black Clover chapter 254 will be delayed but fans have nothing to fret. The manga series is just going to take a quick break.

Black Clover chapter 254 may be delayed but it’s noted that they have been on the roll with releasing new chapters for the manga series despite the pandemic.

But after the release of the latest issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, fans will have to wait a little bit to get the next one.

Taking a quick break

According to Comic Book, the world-wide renowned manga will be taking a quick break after chapter 253.

This means that chapter 254 will not be debuting on Sunday, June 14. Nothing to worry about it as it will only be just a week of waiting.

Instead of coming this week, it will be released on Sunday, June 21. The shift in the release schedule will affect the future chapters though.

The break will mean that there will be no new chapter for an extra week. However, fans are on the same page with series creator Yuki Tabata who said that taking a breather is a good decision.

The plot in Black Clover is said to have been quite intense lately so Tabata may really benefit from the week-long break.

Chapter 253 recap

Chapter 253 of the manga series is titled “Bloodshed” and it showed Vanica’s strong powers which almost seemed to take down Lolopechka and the rest of the gang.

Vanica is using the devil’s power and each time she tries to attack, her powers increase as well. Lolopechka almost gave up as she goes into a breakdown and bursts into a cry since she doesn’t want to die.

She also apologized for crying in public. But Mimosa and Noelle hugged her and reminded her that it’s okay to cry around them because they are her friends.

Vanica continued to fight with Noelle while her powers continued to increase. She became so hyped-up that she started to use up all her power.

Lolopechka got worried but Noelle knows that once Vanica uses up all her power, they can get the upper hand. They had previously planned a strategy against Vanica.

Noelle calls Nero, who then uses her Eternal Prison spell on Vanica.

Chapter 254 spoilers

Spoilers for the upcoming chapter are still kept under wraps for now. Raw scans leaks will be available within the release date week.

It will most probably come out around June 18 while the official spoilers will be out the day before the release date.

Fans who are looking forward to Black Clover chapter 254 will have to stay tuned for more details.

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