‘Black Clover’ Chapter 272: Asta to become Ultimate Warrior after defeating Nacht

Black Clover Chapter 272

Asta’s only chance to surpass his limits and become the Ultimate Warrior is when he manages to defeat Nacht in Black Clover Chapter 272.

Asta can only complete his training if he successfully beats Nacht down in a real fight in Black Clover Chapter 272. However, it remains to be seen if this will happen after he treats his devil as his equal.

Asta’s way to become the Ultimate Warrior

Asta now has a devil-binding contract with Liebe, and their next challenge will be facing Nacht, per EconoTimes.

The only way that Asta can possibly bring Nacht down is by uniting with his devil, using its anti-magic power’s full potential. This will help Asta to become the Ultimate Warrior.

However, with their contract, Asta may not be able to use Liebe’s full ability, but they may find another way to unite. If this happens, they can conquer Nacht and Asta may finally complete his training.

The Ultimate Warrior form is what the Clover Kingdom needs to begin an offensive attack against the Dark Triad to save Yami and William. This, too, will help to prevent the apocalypse from happening.

However, to do this, there will be a lot of serious obstacles that Asta has to surpass in Black Clover Chapter 272.

Black Clover Chapter 272

New chapter’s predictions, release date, and more

With the coming release of the new chapter, fans now have different predictions. According to Epic Dope, one of those is Asta and Liebe’s effort to learn a way that will help them counter Nacht’s Three Musketeers form.

It may take no time before Asta will finally surpass Nacht and inch his way to become the Wizard King with his hard work.

Meanwhile, with the impending ending of Asta’s training, series creator Yuki Tabata may take the story on a different path in Black Clover Chapter 272.

The plot may focus on the Heart Kingdom, where other Magic Knights are training with the Elf Tribe to learn the Ultimate Magic technique. By the looks of it, everyone is now preparing to attack the Spade Kingdom.

After a week of delay, fans will finally see Black Clover Chapter 272 on Sunday, Nov. 22, at 9:30 a.m. Pacific Time. Fans can see it in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, which usually comes out every Sunday.

The raw scans and other spoilers are expected to be out two to three days before its official release date. It may fall on either Thursday, Nov. 19, or Friday, Nov. 20.

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